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Advanced Optical Frequency Comb Technologies and Applications.

Objectives of the project include development of new transformative and ground-breaking concepts and designs of OFC and building international collaborations with our partners: Universite Cote d’Azur and Lille University (both in France), and international industrial project partners including BAE Systems (USA), Arden Photonics (UK), Xtera (UK), OFS (USA), Thales (France), NKT Photonics (Denmark), Eblana Photonics (Ireland), Pilot Photonics (IE), Highways England (UK) and Branscan (UK). This collaboration offers a critical mass of complimentary expertise across nonlinear science, laser science and technology, high-speed optical communications, fibre-optic device engineering, optical signal processing, micro- and nano-photonics, nonlinear photonics, metrology, bio-medical applications and photonics for food industry.

Our Industrial Partners:

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Meet Our Industrial Partners

Our Publications


Sergey V. Sergeyev, Chengbo Mou

Polarization Dynamics of Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers : Science, Technology, and Applications


V. Vassiliev, M. Sumetsky

Reconfigurable microresonators induced in side-coupled optical fibers

Amit Yadav, Nikolai B. Chichkov, Eugene A. Avrutin, Andrei Gorodetsky, Edik U. Rafailov

Edge emitting mode-locked quantum dot lasers

Minji Shi, Vitor Ribeiro, and Auro M. Perego

Parametric amplification based on intermodal four-wave mixing between different supermodes in coupled-core fibers

Sumetsky M.

Semiclassical theory of frequency combs generated by parametric modulation of optical microresonators

Cuevas, A.R., Kbashi, H.J., Stoliarov, D. and Sergeyev, S.

Polarization dynamics, stability and tunability of a dual-comb polarization-multiplexing ring-cavity fiber laser

T. Bunel, M. Conforti, Z. Ziani, J. Lumeau, A. Moreau, A. Fernandez, O. Llopis, J. Roul, A. M. Perego, K. K. Y. Wong, and A. Mussot

Observation of modulation instability Kerr frequency combs in a fiber Fabry–Pérot resonator


M. Crespo-Ballesteros, A. B. Matsko, M. Sumetsky

Optimized frequency comb spectrum of parametrically modulated bottle microresonators

Kbashi H., Kolpakov S., Sergeyev S.

Fast and slow optical rogue waves in the fiber laser

Sergeyev, S.V., Eliwa, M. and Kbashi, H.

Polarization attractors driven by vector soliton rain